follow the red ribbon

... said the man wrapped in silk to the place called fluc


look at all the stars they made and listen when tell you how to fuck them all out.

this is no fiction.


this is friction ribbon fiction.

friction ribbon fiction is the revealings.

friction ribbon fiction is the tale getting out of plot.
friction ribbon fiction is the malignity and mercury.

friction ribbon fiction is the creatures in your hair.
friction ribbon fiction is the word that purges you from sin.

let us move forward to the beat of our hearts...

nov 7th, /w ultima radio & intra, fluc, vienna - free entry

come and see the man

six years ago a dystopian filmlet was made:

the man who could save the world

three years later the second track with the eponymous title was released on WarHoles's first record 'trouble beautiful trouble'.


the original intention was to bring the movie and song together as the first single release back in 2016.


now shortly before the second album 'friction ribbon fiction' arrives the brainchild returned.

shut it off. shut it down. it's getting out of hand.
my darling, all I want from you:
come and see the man



threesome bipolar solitary

... or: three, two, one. a countdown. a joint departure. what may look sad to your eyes is, actually, a reason to celebrate.

one last time the three bands ultima radio, intra and WarHoles are getting together on stage to bring you their finest tunes and latest releases.

on thursday november 7th WarHoles will present their forthcoming record 'friction ribbon fiction' for the first time to the public.


money won't be a matter, but your time will be.


nov 7th, /w ultima radio & intra, fluc, vienna - free entry





friction ribbon fiction

it's about time we made one thing very clear:

yes, a new WarHoles album is about to drop! it is going to be called

friction | ribbon | fiction

release date: 07.11.2019
track list:
Mother Superior's Cave Of Boozed Up Holiness
Me Like Wine
Her Me Purgatory
Love On Barbed Wire
Kafka = Pop
A Certain Sensation
Room Service
Sex Supreme
She From The Staircase
The Plummet
The Tale Of Luna Sue

recorded, mixed and mastered by Alexander Lausch

for now, please enjoy the gorgeous cover photo shot by Boyhood Fineart

for more details, stay tuned!

the end of summer gloom

the hot days crept by and it seemed an anwful long time.

and we would like to remind you to place yourself inside the concussion and dance with us.

step into the avalanche on the following dates:

oct 17th, /w ultima radio & intra, ppc, graz
oct 19th, /w ultima radio & intra, kapu, linz
nov 7th, /w ultima radio & intra, fluc, vienna

will grimace for appearance

how unpleasant wait and see can get...


the spitting image to your left.


the crazy beaver face of Ion.

the pure horror in Orelian's eyes.

what is Vincent hiding behind his golden hair?


a lot of unsolved mysteries behind that picture.

leave it to your unimagineness.

unfaithfully yours,


make that forbidding sound

s o s - is a collaboration between

Siglinde vicious (bass/vocals)
been Orelian (lyrics/vocals)
Simon handle (guitars/arrangement)


click on the picture to reveal the video to make that forbidding sound of 'ma fille du sort'!

been Orelian

these skeletons are not for you

it is a dystopian look at love. although not making a real commitment either, but to create perfect beings and their surrealistic worlds in words and sounds, WarHoles are not sticking their necks too far out there, being aware this is definitely something miss lou and WarHoles have in common.


if you made it this far by reading this first paragraph allow me to write the following statement in conclusion: we are looking really forward to meet this unususal artist in a very soon lately future in a distance close, close nigh.

may the fourth be with you!





may 8th, /w rebecca lou & band, fluc, vienna - eventlink

ripped away by the wave

if you are blue and don't know where to go
why don't you go where our waves will rip you away
putting on the rhiz... pun intended!

apr 19th, /w vodoo beach & zinn, rhiz, vienna - eventlink

the joy of mixing

in the darkroom of artistic conspiracy we are still not done with what lies before us.


but look: the dotted socks are matching the oriental carpet beneath the feet.


still this is all fiction, but as well the place to be for our sweet vacation.


in the attic of our skull...


the dystopian utopia.